Study Skills

Tutoring For Study Skills & Habits

San Diego Tutor can help students conquer academic challenges across a wide array of subjects. Honing their general study skills helps students build critical foundations for both short- and long-term academic success.

Better study skills and habits can:
Improve testing strategy and reduce test anxiety
Foster efficient time management habits
Reinforce student’s self-esteem and self-confidence
Math Tutor
High School - Honors & Advanced Placement (AP)

San Diego Math Tutoring

Math Tutors are some of the most sought-after academic instructors. Because school curriculums aren’t tailored to the unique learning habits of each student, succeeding in math can be extremely difficult without professional tutoring instruction. San Diego Tutor pairs students with instructors based on personal learning habits and goals, so students have the best opportunity to succeed.
Science Tutor
High School - Honors & Advanced Placement (AP)

San Diego Science Tutoring

San Diego Tutor helps students strengthen their subject knowledge in biology, physics, and chemistry. As high school students focus their attention towards success in university, we help students work towards achieving their goals through preparation and achievement in honors and advanced placement (AP) science courses.
Test Preparations

San Diego Test Preparation

Succeeding in standardized testing is critical for future academic success, determining university acceptance, placement, and scholarships. That’s why San Diego Tutor is committed to helping students achieve their desired test scores through personalized attention and instruction

Test Preparation is available for:
AP and ACT Preparation
SAT and PSAT Preparation
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  • Experienced Educational Specialists monitor students' progress.
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  • Background Checks on all tutors.
Bronze Package
10 hours of tutoring.
Great for once a week tutoring
Silver Package
20 hours of tutoring.
Great for twice a week tutoring
Gold Package
50 hours of tutoring.
Great for daily support
Affordable Hourly Rate
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Education Specialists Monitor Progress & Improvement
  • Detailed Tutoring Report Every Session
  • Financial Aid Where Applicable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • Same-Day Tutoring
  • Last-Minute Test Prep
  • One-on-One Attention