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In high school, many students struggle with geometry because it’s a very different type of math class compared to other high school math courses. Geometry is challenging because it is a part of mathematics concerned with questions of size, shape, and relative position of figures and with properties of space. These concepts can be difficult because most high school students have not had to think about different figures in this manner before. Once a student is able to conceptualize and understand what is being taught in their geometry class, they become more comfortable with the material and more likely to do well in their class. A lot of times, there is only one or two difficult concepts that keep the student from really understanding geometry. In addition, it's very important to keep up with your geometry studies and not to fall behind since there is so much material to learn. Similar to other classes, the new material builds on the previous material so falling behind is detrimental. San Diego Tutor has put together a list of formulas that should help students have another source for supplemental academic help. At the bottom of the page, you will also find some sample problems you can go over with your San Diego Tutor. San Diego Tutor has a lot of experience with the subtleties of geometry and we are here to help. CONTACT US today for more information on getting an in home geometry tutor in the Del Mar, La Jolla, Carmel Valley, Poway, Rancho Santa Fe and Scripps Ranch areas.

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Helpful Geometry Formulas

  • Arect = lw Area of a rectangle
  • Prect = 2l + 2w Perimeter of a rectangle
  • Asqr = s2 Area of a square
  • Psqr = 4s Perimeter of a square
  • Atri = (1/2)bh Area of a triangle
  • Acir = (pi)r2 Area of a Circle
  • Ccir = 2(pi)r Circumference of a Circle
  • Vcube = s3 Volume of a Cube
  • SAcube= 6s2 Surface area of a Cube
  • SArect= 2lw + 2wh + 2lh Surface area of a Rectangle
  • Vcyl = (pi)r2h Volume of a Cylinder
  • SAcyl = 2(pi)r2 + 2(pi)rh Surface area of a Cylinder
  • Vcone = (1/3)(pi)r2h Volume of a Cone
  • Vsph = (4/3)(pi)r3 Volume of a Sphere



Sample Problems

Below you will find some sample geometry problems you may see on one of your exams. If you would like one of our San Diego Tutor educational specialists to go over the answers with you, please send your answers to and one of our representatives will contact you.


1) Find the perimeter and area of a rectangle with length= 4 and width = 9.

2) Find the perimeter and area of a square with length= 5 and width = 5.

3) Find the area of a triangle with base= 4 and height = 5.

4) Find the area and circumference of a circle with radius = 9.

5) Find the surface area and volume of a cube with sides = 6.

6) Find the surface area of a rectangle with length = 6, height= 5 and width = 2.

7) Find the volume and surface area of a cylinder with radius = 15 and height= 20.

8) Find the volume of a cone with radius = 3 and height= 10.

9) Find the volume of a sphere with radius = 8.

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