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At San Diego Tutor, we believe that the understanding of physics is crucial for students wanting to go into a science major later in college. Physics is the study of matter through space and time, dealing with energy and force. A good physics tutor should be able to explain the concepts in a matter in which the student can really understand and conceptualize the material. We advise all of our students to spend about 10 hours a week going over their physics notes and book. It’s also important for our physics students to be good at math. A lot of the problems you’ll be seeing on exams will require you to use work through formulas using math. San Diego Tutor has supplied several helpful formulas and rules below to help students supplement their lectures and book. We’ve also provided you with some sample physics problems to give you extra practice at the bottom of the page. Please attempt the problems and if you find yourself having trouble, work with your San Diego Tutor to figure out what part you don’t understand. San Diego Tutor has put together a great team of in home tutors in your area to help with physics CONTACT US today for more information on getting a physics tutor in the Del Mar, La Jolla, Carmel Valley, Poway, Rancho Santa Fe and Scripps Ranch areas.

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Helpful Physics Formulas


  • Position = Velocity * time
  • Velocity = acceleration * time = distance / time
  • Force = Mass * Acceleration
  • Weight = Mass * Gravity
  • Density = Mass / Volume
  • Acceleration = Velocity / Time
  • Momentum = Mass * Velocity
  • Kinetic Energy = Ek = .5mv2
  • Potential Energy = Ep = m*g*h

To find the distance an object has traveled when it is thrown:

y = vt - gt2/2


y = distance traveled

v = velocity of the object

g = gravity

t = time

Sample Problems

Below you will find some sample physics problems you may see on one of your exams. If you would like one of our San Diego Tutor educational specialists to go over the answers with you, please send your answers to and one of our representatives will contact you.

1) How much force is required to accelerate a baseball at 20 m/s^2? Assume the baseball has a mass of 1 kg.

2) How much force does a baseball  exert on a wall if the ball is moving at 10 m/s for a total of 2 seconds before it hits the wall.  Assume the baseball has a mass of 1 kg?

3) What is the momentum of an object that is accelerate at 50 m/s2 for 1 hr?  Assume the object has a mass of 1 kg.

4) What is the kinetic energy of an object whose mass is 1500 kg and is moving at 15 m/s?

5) What is the potential energy of an object whose mass is 1000 kg and is 200m up?

6) How far would an object travel if its was thrown at a 45 degree angel with a velocity of 75 m/s and travels for 50 seconds.  Assume the object has a mass of 1 kg.