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About Us photoSan Diego Tutor is an in-home tutoring organization that has been helping students in the San Diego area since 2002. Our organization is run by a management team with professional tutoring experience and a diverse educational background, consisting of bachelor degrees in Biochemistry, Psychology and Mechanical Engineering. Our team also has masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Nursing and Business Administration (MBA). Below you will find information about our tutors and how San Diego Tutor can help you or your child.

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Private One-on-One Attention
Flexible Scheduling
Non-Commitment Tutoring
College Counseling, SAT/ACT Prep and Study Management Skills
Detailed Post-Session Reports
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Our Specialities

From Kindergarten To College Prep.

Tutoring For Almost Any Subject, Every Step Of The Way.

We specialize in Math, Science, English, Second languages, History, and a number of other subjects as well as helping our students with test preparation, test taking and time management skills. We have excellent tutors available for each of the following subjects, and more!


  • Biology - AP/H Biology
  • Chemistry - AP/H Chemistry
  • Physics - AP/H Physics
  • Middle and high school specialty science courses


  • Calculus - AP/H Calculus
  • Geometry - AP/H Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Algebra and all other math classes


  • SAT Preparation
  • SAT 2 Preparation
  • ACT Preparation


  • Work on test taking skills and reducing test anxiety
  • Teach efficient time management habits
  • Work on students self esteem and self-confidence
  • Reading and Writing assistance


  • Spanish
  • French
  • Latin
  • ESL


  • American History
  • Early, Mid, and Late European History
  • Civics and Government
  • Economics
  • Classical Empires (Roman, Greek, etc)


  • Essay editing
  • Shakespeare
  • Classical literature
  • Early American Literature
  • European Literature
  • Argument and Research
  • English Composition
  • Speech

Growth Subjects

  • Programming
  • Robotics
  • Philosophy
  • Senior projects

Our Tutors

We Work Hard To Find The Perfect Tutor…

To Help You Discover How Easy A’s Can Be.

San Diego Tutor has been helping students in the San Diego area since 2002, expanding our knowledge base year over year to cover additional subjects. Our organization is overseen by a dedicated management team with professional tutoring experience, degrees in Biochemistry, Psychology and Mechanical Engineering and post graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Nursing and Business Administration (MBA).

At San Diego Tutor, the goal is simple: offer tutoring across a wide range of subjects, at an affordable price, with the oversight to provide measurable long term academic success for the student. Our model is completely results oriented, with success measured by your satisfaction. We understand the backbone of our organization has always been our highly skilled tutors, so we only hire the very best. Each potential tutor undergoes a rigorous vetting process designed by our experienced management team, narrowing down the applicant pool to only the top ten percent. In addition to the qualifications we require of our tutors, San Diego Tutor is completely committed to the safety of the students we serve. Because of this, San Diego Tutor performs a thorough background check on all of our tutors to ensure each one has a pristine record. With San Diego Tutor, you are not just hiring a tutor, you are investing in a support structure.

San Diego Tutor concentrates only on the Greater San Diego area, allowing us to recognize and focus on the needs of our community. We have the experience and assessment skills to work with you personally and select the tutor that would best serve your needs. Our tutors have experience working with most of the schools in the county and work with all kinds of students and learning styles. After discussing your areas of concern, we personally assign you the tutor that best addresses those concerns and provide you a detailed profile of their background and experience prior to your first session. We believe this is not only the best service we can provide, but makes us stronger as an educational community.

Customer Service

Taking The Headache Out Of Higher Grades.

Customer Service From Your First Call To Your College Acceptance.

San Diego Tutor knows the importance of customer service when it comes to finding the right organization for educational assistance. We strive to return all phone calls within two hours, knowing that you may be on a short notice. For that reason, we have same day tutoring available! We are available from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. every day to answer any questions and/or to assign you a tutor. If we are on the other line when you call, you can be confident that someone will call you back shortly.

From start to finish our Educational Specialist works with you to ensure you find the right tutor the first time. After each meeting with your tutor the Education Specialist follows along the student's progress with a detailed post-session report. These reports from the tutor, and the recommendations made from them, create an open channel of constant communication and progress updates for you. Our Educational Specialist ensures not only initial success, but measurable progress after each and every session.

Academic emergencies happen! For this reason, we have an after hours answering service that is checked frequently for priority situations. We also have tutors on standby willing to come and substitute for a tutor that can’t make an appointment for unforeseen reasons. We recognize everyone has schedules, and that includes our tutors. In the event a substitute or replacement tutor is requested because of an unexpected schedule conflict, we are always prepared. Often we can find you an appropriate replacement that same day. We do not want our clients to be stranded the day before a test or project without a tutor to help. Nights, weekends, holidays, online tutoring, anytime, anywhere, any subject. San Diego Tutor has you covered.
Can’t afford tutoring? – San Diego Tutor can help!
We understand that not all families will be able to take on the additional financial burden of supplemental educational assistance for their student. In response to the increasing educational demand and the rising pressure on students today, San Diego Tutor has put together a financial aid program for families with challenges meeting the cost of our educational packages. Subsidized tutoring is another option available for qualifying families. We pledge to find help for every student we can. Please check out our Scholarship link for more details.  Go to scholarship
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